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Device & Process Management

Digitalise and automate the sub-areas in your warehouse

Use our flexible Device & Process Management solutions to manage individual areas in your warehouse independently and to advance the digitalisation of processes in your company. It is already possible to achieve a significant increase in efficiency with noticeable cost reductions through the (partial) automation of selected areas of the warehouse.

With our comprehensive all-in-one solutions, we can show you the way to a digitalised future. Benefit from integrated software solutions that adapt to your requirements, depending on the size of the warehouse and the degree of automation, and guarantee maximum performance at all times.

Mit umfassenden Gesamtlösungen unterstützen wir Sie auf Ihrem Weg in eine digitalisierte Zukunft. Profitieren Sie von ganzheitlichen Softwarelösungen, die sich je nach Lagergröße und Automatisierungsgrad an Ihre Anforderungen anpassen und maximale Performance zu jeder Zeit garantieren.

Digital logistics for greater efficiency

Jungheinrich AGV Manager

Simple connection of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems

  • Flexible integration of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVs) into your warehouse
  • Increased process efficiency and reliability when using Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
  • Wide range of optional functions including storage area management, order processing, reporting, WMS interface and peripheral interface

Jungheinrich LRK/PRK Manager

Item management for semi-automatic racking systems

  • More efficient processes thanks to automatic tray provisioning, for example
  • Complete system for maximum transparency over your stock levels in vertical lift systems and vertical paternoster racking systems (LRK/PRK)
  • Ergonomic positioning of items at the service opening
  • Large selection of racking system functions such as the DualTray function, position displays or TIC
  • For warehouses of all sizes
  • For Automated Guided Vehicle Systems
  • For vertical lift & paternoster racking systems

Benefits for your daily operations

Additional benefits

  • User-friendly software solutions with innovative functions
  • Excellent integration into existing warehouse systems
  • Digital logistics with quick and easy implementation
  • Extension/add-on to existing warehouse management solutions

We develop sustainable software solutions for your warehouse

Further digital products and software systems

High levels of stock, costly returns and time-consuming searches are just a few of the challenges facing intralogistics providers today.

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Do you want to create more transparency and safety in your warehouse? Our digital Fleet Management Solutions ensure that you have an overview of the costs, deployment and utilisation of your fleet at all times.

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Jungheinrich Interface Management can be used to network your warehouse components, enabling smooth communication between hardware and software. This results in maximum transparency as well as improved productivity and efficiency in every work step.

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Quick and easy integration

Digital expertise from Jungheinrich

  • Over 30 years of experience in the development of software solutions and digital products
  • Broad portfolio for intelligent management of your warehouse logistics and fleets
  • Wide range of automatic, robotic and AGV solutions
  • State-of-the-art and future-proof solutions thanks to further development and optimisation of the portfolio
  • Flexible networking of all your warehouse components and areas of the warehouse
  • Simple execution with in-house development, advice, planning and support from a source

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