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Automatic high-rack stacker

Our automatic high-rack stackers are the top performers in automated narrow aisle warehouses, which also include shelves, software and feed-in systems, such as conveyor technology. With everything perfectly integrated, our automatic high-rack stackers can do their jobs efficiently and reliably.

Automated warehouse with new contour control eliminates the need for conveyor technology

Jungheinrich created a complete intralogistics package with innovative solutions for ESM Ertl Systemlogistik in Minden. The key advantage: The new contour control enables manual pallet transfer in an automated warehouse that has no conveyor technology at all. This saves a great deal of time, money and space.

Content automated high rack stacker 1 Top performance in warehouses – 24 hours around the clock

When you opt for one or more Automated Guided Vehicles based on a high-rack stacker, your warehouse will benefit from maximum availability, efficiency and performance. Multi-frequency guidewires and transponders in the floor ensure efficient orientation in the aisles. For 24/7 operations, it is possible to supply power to the automatic high-rack stacker by means of conductor rails emplaced in the shelves. 

Content automated high rack stacker 1 (1) Based on mature standard trucks

Our automatic high-rack stackers are based on our serial trucks. Repeatedly tested and proven in actual practice, these standard vehicles are supplemented with corresponding automatic components. This new configuration results in especially reliable and efficient Automated Guide Vehicles (AGV) for your large lift-height warehouse activities. 

Content automated high rack stacker 3 Incrementally automatable

You can also automate existing, manual vehicles in increments and thereby make your narrow aisle warehouse ready for the future. Semi-automation combined with our award-winning warehouseNAVIGATION system can help you increase throughput performance by 25 percent.
Helping to relieve your drivers and ensuring highly precise approach and positioning at storage locations. 
In fully automated mode, the automatic high-rack stackers move around warehouse aisles as fully autarchic AGVs, processing their assigned transport and warehouse tasks with umost reliability. 

Apilador automatizado:

La infografía muestra lo que es importante en un almacén de palets automatizado 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana.

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Custom solutions for every sector

Whether it's for new facilities, for the modernisation or expansion of existing facilities: in our many years of experience with intralogistics, we have advised many small, medium-sized and large companies worldwide on automating their processes, while serving as main contractor for the entire duration of their projects.

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